Halia Pantry



Halia Pantry at The Villa officially opened its doors in October 2023, a new flagship of The Halia’s casual café concept. Quick and breezy, casual and family-friendly, customers and tiny ones will be equally comfortable in this halal-certified self-service outlet.

Managing Director Esther Wee shares:
“It started in 2019 with a small, members-only take away counter at the Academy of Singapore Teachers, dishing out casual, affordable food bearing the Halia trademark quality. The response and support from this little venture was heart-warming, such that we were compelled to look for an opportunity to make Halia Pantry available to the public. And we have finally found it, right under our noses!”

What’s Halia Pantry about?

No reservations required, free seating, zero service charge, self-order and service, unbreakable Fallen Leaves* disposable tableware, Halia quality café menu – that’s the new Halia Pantry. You come as you are, you order as you like, and you leave as quickly (or as slowly) as you wish.

Halia Pantry offers a quick, no-frills, eat and run, value for money experience with Halia’s signature quality food. Here, we serve familiar comfort food, with emphasis on fresh and delicious. Pizza counter seats enable guests to see their hand-tossed pizzas made to order, or they can savour Halia’s all-time favourites of Grilled Beef Burger, Wagyu Quesadilla, Chilli Crab Spaghettini, Truffle Fries, and many more. Halia’s desserts like Ginger Meringue Tart and Chocolate Tart are also available.

Fallen Leaves Tableware, A Nature-Inspired Alternative
As we strive for a sustainable future, the use of Fallen Leaves Tableware is a small yet impactful step towards reducing waste, deforestation, and pollution. These aesthetically- pleasing plates and bowls are created by collecting the naturally shed leaves of the Areca palm tree (Areca Catechu). They are then cleaned, heat-pressed, and moulded into various shapes and sizes with zero chemicals. No trees need to be cut down in the process. After use, they can be easily composted. The choice of this natural alternative marks the Halia's first steps towards a greener way of service.